Posted on: December 16, 2014

Earn a Competitive Project Management Degree at FXUA

Earn a Competitive Project Management Degree at FXUA

The Project Management Institute (PMI) indicates that the project manager employment outlook is constantly improving and the world average project manager’s annual salary is currently at $90,260. Additionally, according to an 
Anderson Economic Group study, 1.2 million project management positions will need to be filled each year through 2016.

Whether you are running thousand- or billion-dollar projects, effective communication, coordination, scheduling, and maintaining your project costs are crucial. A good project manager must not manage the details of the work but also possess a macro-view of the project at all times. A degree in project management, and the skill set that comes along with it, is valued by companies in almost every industry: from agriculture to aeronautics, banking to IT, insurance to retail, and even medicine.

Why choose project management at FXUA?

Whether you are a project manager who wants to advance or an individual with no business or project management background, one of FXUA’s successful project management programs will help you to succeed in this field and prepare you for global leadership roles. All of our project management-focused programs and training provide a strong theoretical and practical foundation in project management. Below are some highlights of available programs at FXUA.

Master of Science in Project Management

FXUA’s MS in Project Management is aimed at syndicating a broad knowledge of business and management approaches with a precise knowledge of project-based strategies. The innovative and integrated curriculum balances real-world practice and academic theory and helps participants to develop the skill set needed to manage projects in terms of scope, cost, risks, and schedules with the ultimate goal of achieving project objectives in terms of on-time deliverables within budget.

Graduate Certificate in Project Management

The focus of this 16-credit program is aligned principally to the core processes and knowledge areas found in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Participants gain comprehensive analysis skills, stakeholder communication techniques, strategic planning and implementation skills, and managerial and leadership insight.

Master of Business Administration in Project Management

The objective of FXUA’s MBA in Project Management is to provide individuals with the skill set needed to excel in challenging work environments and to meet the industry demand for project managers who can improve business performance both locally and globally. The subject areas of the MBA in Project Management program include contracts and procurement, project and cost management, risk management, quality assurance, multiple management systems, productivity measurement and improvement, and human resources management.

Customized Business Training in Project Management

FXUA offers customized business training in project management which will focus on management and technical issues which tie to your company’s strategic objectives and decision-drive project framework within a flexible and customized curriculum. Our training program is custom-tailored to meet the needs of any size business or organization and is a joint effort of FXUA’s School of Business and the School of Continuing Education. Contact us today for more information!

Project management programs are designed to serve managers and other professionals who wish to acquire, enhance, and certify their knowledge and skills to successfully design, integrate, develop, and manage projects. Our students gain hands-on experience using various project management tools and techniques to successfully manage “real world” projects of varying sizes and degrees of complexity. For more information about any of FXUA’s master’s degrees or certificates in project management, visit our School of Business website and then apply online today!