Posted on: March 11, 2012

FXUA Student Earns PMP Certification

FXUA Student Earns PMP Certification

FXUA is very proud to announce that MBA Student, Dixon Peters has earned his Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI).  PMI is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1969. PMI has over 600,000 members and operates in approximately 185 countries worldwide. PMI is the premier institute in awarding PMP Certifications.

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certificates are the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers and demonstrate that an individual has the experience, education, and competency needed to lead projects.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Dixon and talk a bit about his experience and why he felt it was necessary for him to earn a PMP Certification:

FXUA: Why did you decide to move forward with earning a PMP Certification?

DP: The project management professional certification (PMP) was a “must have” for me and I was determined to get it. I knew how valuable and prestigious a PMP certification was. In a highly competitive world, I found out being a PMP was going to give me a technical and financial edge.

FXUA: How did you go about beginning the process of earning your PMP Certification?

DP: My first step to achieving this goal was to register as a student member of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and join the Washington DC local chapter which happens to be the largest PMI chapter in the world with over 10,000 members. At the same time, I was enrolled in the MBA core course ‘Project and Cost Management’ which is a prerequisite for gaining approval to sit for the certification exam. The course was interesting and insightful, the professor, Dr. Dereje Tesema, being a PMP himself encouraged us a lot to go for it. I took his advice and went for it without looking back.

As a registered member of the PMI Washington DC local chapter, I had the opportunity of attending my first monthly chapter dinner where I was privileged to meet and network with so many PMP’S. I never met so many PMP /professionals all in one place. In the course of speaking with those many PMP’S at that dinner, their stories had a strong impression on me and for the first time, I set a specific timeline as to when I wanted to get my PMP certification. In hindsight, meeting those many nice, helpful, charming and dynamic PMP professionals at that dinner sealed the deal in my mind. I would encourage anyone that wants to become a PMP to start the journey by registering in a local PMI chapter. I cannot overemphasize the benefits of being involved in a local PMI community.

FXUA: How did you prepare for your PMP Certification Exam? What advice would you give to others interested in earning their PMP Certification?

DP: Having set a specific timeline on when I wanted to get the PMP certification, I did my research to determine the specific requirements to earn the PMP certification. After evaluating all the requirements which I found on the PMI website felt I was ready to go for it. In my research read so many reviews by PMP candidates and two books commonly mentioned by candidates aside the PMBOK guide are: Rita Mulcahy (PMP Exam Prep 7th edition) and Andy Crowe (PMP Exam: How to pass on your first try). I immediately decided to get both of them. In all it took me about 3months (100 hours) of study to actually feel ready for the exam. Frankly the exam is thorough and comprehensive. I advise people to read as many materials as they can on project management because you can never read too much when it comes to the PMP exam. My main source was Andy Crowe and the PMBOK guide 4th edition but I must confess that I had to read through about five other materials which I got from a friend. The reason for reading so widely was that, the more I read and learnt about project management discovered that there was much more to know. I enjoyed having my special spot at the Fairfax library and all my Saturday dates with my PMP study materials.

FXUA: What about leading up to the exam? How did you prepare for the day of?

DP: About 6 weeks prior to the time I had set to sit for the exam, I felt I was confident enough to apply for the exam having completed 6weeks of study. I registered for the exam, met all the requirements they set, received an approval and paid for the exam which cost $405.The exam approval process took about 2weeks. The day after I got my confirmation to write the exam, I began to do a countdown and had to intensify my efforts on the final lap of my study plan because I had set a specific exam date. On the day of my exam, I confidently got the exam center 45minutes before time. I sat for the 4hours exam which was tough but I didn’t underestimate the exam and was determined to leave that exam as a PMP.

FXUA: We are very proud of your achievements at FXUA, Dixon. Congratulations on passing your exam and earning the prestigious PMP Certification! You are truly an inspiration to your peers as well as everyone in the FXUA Family!

DP: Thank you, it was a huge goal achieved when I passed my PMP exam and saw my name on the PMI online credential registry for all certified project management professionals. I am proud to be a PMP. I just want to say that if I could do it, then you can, so go for it. Who is going to be the next PMP from FXUA?

Congratulations again on your certification, Dixon! We are very proud and inspired by your hard work!