Posted on: January 15, 2018

Welcome Students: Spring 2018

Welcome Students: Spring 2018

Greetings SCIS students:

On behalf of the School of Computer information Systems, I wish you a very Happy New Year.  I hope this year is the breakthrough one and your resolutions and dreams finally turn into reality.  In the meantime, I would like to welcome you or welcome you back to the School of Computer Information Systems (SCIS) at Fairfax University of America.

Our aim at SCIS is empowering global innovation through technology and enabling our students to accomplish their educational and professional objectives.  Please know that we are committed to providing high-quality programs delivered by highly qualified and committed faculty.  Make sure to be engaged in building your future and reach out if you have any questions or need support to your instructors, advisers, and deans.

We are very excited about continuing several initiatives and starting new ones in Spring 2018.

All of our courses, on-ground and online, will be supported through Canvas at  FXUA Students use the same credentials to login to:

If you need to reset your password, go to : and fill the form and submit to receive your new password in your FXUA provided email address.

Please always use and check your FXUA provided email address for official FXUA communications.   It is important to access your course(s) ahead of time and engage your instructor as soon as possible.  Now, as a FXUA student, you will have several options to acquire your textbooks.  More information can be found at

Secondly, as you know, FXUA requires that students adhere to the Code of Academic Excellence in order to build upon and foster the educational demands of the institution.  Preserving the integrity of learning is as much a priority for online courses as it is for on ground courses.  Please visit for more details.

Thirdly, we would like to strongly recommend for you to be engaged in your learning, starting with attendance.  Research has proven that there is a high correlation between school attendance and academic performance and success, while absence from school is often the greatest single cause of poor performance and achievement.

Finally, Make sure to meet with or reach out to your program advisor for any questions about your program and classes.

I wish you the best as you embark in or continue your academic journey.

Best regards,

Dr. Chakib Chraibi
Dean, SCIS