Posted on: April 1, 2015

FAQ about Summer Registration 4/4/2015

FAQ about Summer Registration 4/4/2015
  1. 1. Do I have to take courses during Summer I or II semester?

Depends on if Summer is a mandatory semester for you as an F1 student or not.

If you are F1 student and Summer I or II is not your first semester at FXUA, then summer is an optional semester for you. Therefore, you can choose to take class during both Summer I&II, or just one of the sessions, or take the entire summer off.

If you are F-1 student and Summer I or II is your first semester, then it ismandatory for you to enroll in class(es) and maintain full-time student status. To maintain full-time student status during summer sessions, undergraduate program students should take at least 2 courses and graduate program student should take 1 course.

  1. 2. How many courses per Summer session can I enroll in?

For both undergraduate and graduate students, the “normal course load” during 8-week summer sessions is 2 courses per session

The weekly contact hour for each course during summer session is 6 contact hours, unlike 3 during Spring and Fall semester.

Enrollments beyond normal course load requires approval from the academic adviser on Course Overload Form.

  1. 3. How many online courses can I take during summer semesters?

Online course has limitations for F1 students only and also depends if summer is a mandatory semester for you or not.

If you are an F1 student and summer is your mandatory (first) semester at FXUA you cannot take any online course during Summer sessions. This is due to the immigration law, requiring the F1 students to enroll in at least 51% of full-time course load in onground courses during mandatory semesters.

If you are F1 student and summer is an optional semester for you then the 51% rule mentioned above does not apply to you. You can take any number of online courses, within the normal course load.

However, if you have only one course left and you are an F1 visa student, then that last course has to be taken onground, regardless of Summer semester. 

  1. 4. I want to do internship (CPT) during summer. What should I do?


The first step for internship is visiting career center advisers to get Internship/CPT package that includes complete instruction, step-by-step guides and forms.

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