Posted on: January 19, 2018

Research paper on IoT by Dr. Hammoshi

Research paper on IoT by Dr. Hammoshi

As an Internet of Things (IoT) user you should read this article to know how the top IoT providers such as IBM Watson, Google and Amazon manage the resources they are using. The full paper was published in the International Journal of Development Research’s December 2017 issue. To read the digital copy please visit IJDR website.

IoT Resources Management:

A Comprehensive Study Supported by the Top Providers of Things Managment


IoT defined as a network that connects physical objects to interact with each other for to perform information sharing and to take an action. IoT offers services as well. Connected objects over IoT are identified by unique address on the network and supported with the ability to transfer data over a network without human or computer interaction. IoT has wide and growing scope of applications starts from smart home passing all the way to smart city, smart grids, intelligent fire-fighting, government, environment ending with smart farming. In this paper, a comprehensive study is done for resources management process done by researchers with a detailed explanation for IoT top providers like IBM Watson, Google and Amazon platforms. The study encompasses IoT things management for these three providers then concluded that the three providers have different design principles, algorithm modeling, data location requirements and type of services. However, they have almost the same pricing per service.

Dr. Mayyada Al Hammoshi is a full-time faculty member for the School of Computer Information Systems at Fairfax University of America. She can be contacted at